Family Entertainment Centers

Unlock the most advanced amusement center experience for players, increase your revenue, and lower operational costs.

Take your family fun center to the next level and redefine the players’ experience.

With Tigapo, players simply tap to buy credits, play their game of choice, and win tickets straight to their phones, wristbands, or Tigapo tags. Thanks to our predictive algorithms, that know when to send players customized challenges and other notifications, players stay engaged longer, spend more, and enjoy a better experience in your FEC.

All this while enabling your team to increase productivity and lower operational costs. Talk about a win-win!


Cloud-based solution

Easily access and manage your data from anywhere, at any time, without dealing with on-site servers.

Complete mobile experience

There’s no need for cards or tickets here! The Tigapo app provides players with everything they need to make the most out of their visit.

Interactive experience

Our predictivative algorithms know just when to engage your players to ensure they keep the good times rolling.

Plug and play installation

Tigapo’s readers fit directly over existing coin mechanisms for an easy set up. All you need is our readers and the app to get started!


Innovative redemption process

Players can choose a prize with just the click of a button! Order directly from our app and say goodbye to waiting in lines at the prize counter. Our team will receive the order on our mobile terminals and take it from there!

Self-service kiosk

The self-service kiosk bridges the gap between Tigapo's platform and legacy card systems and serves as a replacement for those who can’t use their phones. Players can purchase tags and wristbands, top-up with cash or credit, and even buy special packages.

Remote management

Stay on top of your machines with 24/7 remote monitoring. You can set up alerts to be notified when your machines go offline or are experiencing any problems.

Parental control

Parents can manage their family’s activity, keep track of spending and prizes directly from our app


Get the basic package with our readers, management platform and app, or add a self-service kiosk to bridge the gap from the card systems, and a mobile terminal for the full package.

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