Redemption on the go

Simplify the redemption process for both players and your team with our mobile redemption terminal

Players order their prize from the app, your employees are then notified through their mobile redemption terminal, check out the item, and then players are notified that their prize is ready for collection. There are no lines and no crowding – Everyone wins!


Tigapo’s unique engagement capabilities encourage players to play and spend more!

Manage on the go

Our mobile redemption terminals can rest in their docks or travel in the palm of your employees' hands as they fetch prizes and prepare orders.

Real-time notifications

Your employees are notified the second a player makes an order. And, in turn, players' are notified when their prizes are ready to be collected!

Streamlined process

Saving both players and employees the burden and hassle of the redemption counter means you can save on labor costs and offer a faster, more efficient service. 

A tailor-made solution to meet your business needs

Tigapo's platform offers a solution for a wide variety of amusement-related businesses, such as family entertainment centers, arcades, and much more. Our simple-to-use app yields longer sessions, our predictive algorithms leave your players engaged and spending even more, and our cloud-based platform saves on hardware and operational costs.

Amusement Routes

Managing a chain of arcade bars? Handling both cash and cashless payments at your locations? No problem! With our solution you can manage and customize it for your specific needs. Our street route solution offers remote management, with real-time alerts, as well as a full collection process.


Get the basic package with our readers, management platform and app, or add a self-service kiosk to bridge the gap from the card systems, and a mobile terminal for the full package.

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