Payment Kiosk

Offer players a familiar way to play with our self-service kiosk

The self-service kiosk bridges the gap between Tigapo’s platform and legacy card systems. The kiosk serves as a substitute for those who don’t want to use their phones. Players can purchase tags and wristbands, top-up with cash or credit, and even buy special packages.


Multiple Payment Options

The kiosk is equipped with Nayax's complete cashless payment solution, allowing your business to accept all dominant cashless payment options as well as cash.

Exclusive packages

Pack in the fun by giving your players the option to purchase packages through the self-service kiosk and don't miss out on the chance to increase their session duration and spending.

32" Touchscreen Display

With our easy-to-use touchscreen and user-friendly menu, players can swipe and tap to choose their top-up amount, purchase packages, and more! Plus, when in idle mode, the screen can be used to display video ads or any special promotions.

Multiple Play Options

Your players can choose to purchase and top up to a wristband or an NFC tag – whatever’s most convenient for them!

A tailor-made solution to meet your business needs

Tigapo's platform and readers offer solutions for a wide variety of amusement-related businesses, such as family entertainment centers, arcades, and much more. Our simple-to-use app yields longer sessions and leaves your players engaged and spending even more, and our cloud-based platform saves on hardware and operational costs.

Amusement Routes

Managing a chain of arcade bars? Handling both cash and cashless payments at your locations? No problem! With our solution you can manage and customize it for your specific needs. Our street route solution offers remote management, with real-time alerts, as well as a full collection process.


Get the basic package with our readers, management platform and app, or add a self-service kiosk to bridge the gap from the card systems, and a mobile terminal for the full package.

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