Why Tigapo?

Get the most innovative payment and management solution for your amusement center

Level up your amusement business

The full list of benefits you get by moving your amusement center to Tigapo’s platform

Interactive & personalized

Our predictive algorithms engage players at the most opportune time with customized incentives and challenges.


Your data is stored online, accessible from anywhere, and managed remotely, eliminating the need for any on-site preparations.

Increase session

With an easy-to-use app and built-in engagement capabilities, your players will spend more time (and money!) at your amusement center.

Lower operational

Our solution can be managed remotely, increasing the efficiency of your operations. All you need is our software and card readers to get started.

How Tigapo Differs

Complete mobile experience

Players can manage the entire experience from their phones - from the first top-up to the prize collection. No lines, no cash, all fun!

Plug and play installation

All you need to use Tigapo is an internet connection and our readers. There's no need for any additional installation of on-site hardware

Inventory management

With your inventory updated on the Tigapo platform – both the players' app and the mobile terminals are always in sync with your available prizes

Innovative redemption process

Players can choose a prize with just the click of a button! Order directly from our app and say goodbye to waiting in lines at the prize counter. Our team will receive the order on our mobile terminals and take it from there! Parental management

Parental management

Parents can manage their family’s activity, keep track of their kids’ spending and prizes, and manage their time at the amusement center

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