Redemption on the go

Simplify the redemption process for both players and your team with our mobile redemption terminal Players order their prize from the app, your employees are then notified through their mobile redemption terminal, check out the item, and then players are notified that their prize is ready for collection. There are no lines and no crowding […]

The Tigapo App

Increase players’ engagement with our complete mobile experience The Tigapo app does more than replace physical cards, it provides players with everything required to make the most out of their visit – buying credits, tracking tickets, prize collection and the best part – it keep players engaged and spending.


Give your players a fun and easy way to play Our card readers for amusement centers allow your players to simply tap their phones or tags and play- it’s as simple as it sounds! There’s no need for a costly card system, no swiping, and no multi-functional card readers. We offer one reader to meet […]

A Cloud-Based Management Platform

Manage your amusement centers from anywhere, at anytime Tigapo’s management platform offers a complete solution for a variety of amusement-related businesses. Whether you have a single FEC, multiple family fun centers, or arcade bars – our platform helps you manage and keep track of all your locations.

Payment Kiosk

Offer players a familiar way to play with our self-service kiosk The self-service kiosk bridges the gap between Tigapo’s platform and legacy card systems. The kiosk serves as a substitute for those who don’t want to use their phones. Players can purchase tags and wristbands, top-up with cash or credit, and even buy special packages.