Web console
Kiosk and RTA

Version 2.3.75

New Feature: Inventory Notification for Low Stock Levels

Stay on top of inventory! We’ve added a new notification system that alerts you when an item’s inventory drops below its PAR level. To enable this feature, navigate to your Account settings, where you’ll find an option to enable notifications for low stock levels. You can set the PAR level for each item on the Inventory page by clicking “Edit” and adjusting it accordingly.


New Feature: User Account Linking and Leaderboard Exclusion

We’ve added a new feature that allows you to link a user account to an employee – and exclude them from the leaderboard. Simply click on the Person icon (highlighted in red), and a popup will appear, enabling you to search for the employee you wish to link to the user account.


 New Feature: Adjust Number of Participants for Active Group Packages

Now, there’s crowd control! We’ve implemented a new feature that allows you to adjust the number of participants for active group packages. For instance, if you have a birthday party at your location through a group package and an additional child wants to participate, you can easily add their user details and link them to the specific group package.
Simply navigate to the Visitors page , click on the Person icon, and then access the Participants & Price page. From there, you can easily scan additional tags you want to add to the group package using the enrollment reader.



 Improvement: User Exclusion from Leaderboard

Not everyone should be on the leaderboard! We’ve enhanced the system to allow exclusion of users from the leaderboard. This exclusion capability serves various use cases, for example:

  1. When an employee uses a service tag to operate different machines at the location. The resulting, unreal “winnings” of this card are displayed on the leaderboard, but we’ve enabled their exclusion as they do not represent real players at the location.
  2. When a user requests to be excluded from the leaderboard for any reason.

You can access this capability through the Visitors page, under the tickets section. There, you’ll find a button to enable the “Hide from Leaderboard” option.


Version 2.3.74

 New Feature: Group Package Report

Introducing a new report that provides comprehensive details on all group packages. This report includes information such as the number of packages purchased at the location on selected dates.

To access this report, navigate to the Reports section, select “Group Packages” as the report type, and download your report.


 Improvement: Ticket Multiplier Alert

Popups for techs! We’ve implemented a new popup alert on the Machine configuration page for technicians. Now, when a technician attempts to edit the ticket multiplier, a popup message will appear with the following prompt:


 Improvement: Added Discount Option for POS Cashier (Israel Only)

Even more discounts! We’ve added an option for discounts on the POS cashier (only applicable in Israel).


Version 2.3.73

 Improvement: Language Support for Prize Selection (Hebrew)

Rotzim Ivrit? We’ve added support in Hebrew for choosing prizes.


Version 2.3.72

 New Feature: Ticket Multiplier

Let it rain tickets! Now you can multiply the number of tickets won when playing a specific machine. This is particularly useful if you want to incentivize the use of a specific machine. Access this feature on the web console by navigating to the Machines page, clicking on the Configure button, scrolling down to the Ticket Multiplier section, and choosing “Include.” From there, you can set the number by which you’d like to multiply the winning tickets.
*Please note: This feature can only be accessed by technicians.


 New Feature: Package Expiration Management

Now you can set your own ‘shelf-life’ and determine an expiration date for packages purchased in your locations. For example, you can configure packages to expire after a specific period, such as 3 months after purchase. Access this by clicking on the “Edit Package” option on the Packages page.


 Improvement: Enhanced Package Customization

Want to determine when it’s playtime? Now, when creating packages on the web console, under “Content” and “Components,” you can specify a specific playtime for particular machines within the package.


Version 2.3.71

 New Feature: Kiosk Lite Mode Configuration

To register or not to register? That is the question. The kiosk offers a full registration process asking for name, telephone, picture of the player, etc. But this registration process can also be toggled to “lite mode” which means it can be skipped.


 New Feature: Integration with Payment Processing Services for Refunds

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes. So we implemented an integration between the Tigapo system and our payment processing services (Coriander and Authorize.net). This integration enables us to refund customers who have made faulty purchases through the app.


 Improvement: Automated Child Account Management

No such thing as too safe when it comes to managing child accounts! Child accounts that remain unverified for 7 weeks will now be automatically deleted, following the KidSafe standard.

Upon registration, child visitors receive an email for verification. If the email remains unverified and the user is inactive, Tigapo will automatically delete the account after 7 weeks. If the user has been active within this timeframe, their details will be anonymized instead of being deleted.


 Improvement: Enhanced Validation in Package Creation

Everyone needs validation. Which is why we’ve upgraded the package creation process with a validation feature. Before finalizing the package, a notification prompts users to review and confirm the details, ensuring accuracy before proceeding.


 Improvement: Enhanced User Profile Picture Viewing

When bigger is better… We’ve added a new feature that allows users to enlarge their profile picture directly from the user details section. This picture can be migrated both through the app and the kiosk interface.


Version 2.3.69

 New Feature: Added Option to Toggle Kiosk Status

What’s your status? Now, you can easily switch the kiosk status from ‘In Service’ to ‘Out of Service’ and vice versa – so its status is clear.


 New Feature: Search Option Added to Machines Log

You can access this feature by navigating to the machines page, selecting a machine, and clicking on the clock icon.


 Improvement: Package Component based on Machine Label

We really are the complete package – with a package creation process based on machine labels. We’ve enhanced the package creation process and now you can customize packages to allow birthday groups, for example, to play on a specific set of machines categorized under the same label.
You can access this by navigating to packages page and click create package/edit package.


Version 2.3.68

 New Feature: Machines Log Data

All that data! Now, you can access the playing history of each machine per location. This proves helpful when, for instance, a user reports that a machine didn’t work or when a customer played but didn’t receive tickets. You can access this feature through the Machines page on the web.


 Improvement: Enhanced Support for Challenges with Grouped Machines

Challenges just became more flexible! Now, instead of targeting a specific machine, you can configure a challenge to be relevant to a group of machines.
Previously, our challenges relied on labeling specific machines as triggers – however when a machine had two readers, the system didn’t recognize them as a single entity, resulting in challenges not being transferred between the readers. So, we’ve implemented a backend enhancement, ensuring our system recognizes machines with multiple readers as a single group.


 Improvement: Expanded Kiosk Language Support

Now, we’re speaking your language! We’ve broadened our kiosk language options to include additional languages. If you’d like to add your local language to the kiosk, simply reach out to us!


Version 2.3.66

 New Feature: Full Backend Implementation of Display Name

New, fuller visibility! The display name will now be visible on the following pages:

  • Live Carts
  • Leaderboard
  • Check Balance page (on the kiosk)
  • Main Carts page (on the RTA)


 New Feature: Wi-Fi Configuration Option for Enrollment Readers

Heads up, technicians! Now, on the web console’s Readers page, you have the ability to modify the Wi-Fi SSID and password for the location.


 New Feature: Kiosk Transaction Descriptions

Want more transaction details? You can now easily view transaction descriptions for kiosk activities, accessible through the web console’s Kiosks page.


 Improvement: Kiosk Camera Settings Infrastructure

Say ‘cheese’! The Tigapo kiosk has two cameras – one for an adult’s pictures, and the other for a child’s pictures. Typically, you can select which camera to use directly from the kiosk. Clicking the bottom camera button activates the top camera, and vice versa. But now, you can easily switch the positions of the two cameras by going into kiosk settings and adjusting the settings of 0 and 1.


Version 2.3.67

 New Feature: Group Machines Backend Development

Grouping readers means more challenges! Now, when you have two or more readers on the same machine, you can assign them to one group. This allows challenges to be triggered on the same machine regardless of which reader activates the challenge. You can configure this on the Machines page, within the “Group” section.


 New Feature: Location Logo Interface

Now your brand can be even more out there! We’ve added the ability to add your business logo to your location. Simply navigate to the Location page on the web console and click “Edit” to upload your logo. The chosen logo will be displayed to users when they select their playing location through the app.


 New Feature: User Images on Visitors Page

Sometime a picture is worth a thousand words, so we’ve implemented a new feature that displays users’ images on the Visitors page. The picture of the user captured on the app or kiosk will also be visible on the Visitors page through the web console.


 Improvement: Fikable Integration

It’s a happy new marriage! Now, our integration with POS provider, Fikable, means that when a visitor makes a purchase through the cashier using Fikable POS, the payment process is seamlessly tracked in Tigapo’s backend.
*Please note: While this integration enhances the payment process, some features may not be available through it.


Version 2.3.64

 New Feature: Ticket Transfer Functionality on Redemption Page

This is the ticket to… transferring tickets! We’ve introduced a transfer function on the redemption page, so now operators can seamlessly transfer tickets between users. This feature enables ticket transfers among family members, friends, groups, and more.


Bug Fix: Inventory Import Issue Resolved

Trouble-free inventory, ready for you! We’ve resolved an issue related to importing DPL files into the web console for uploading location inventory. Now, you can seamlessly import inventory data without any issues.

Version 2.3.65

 New Feature: Custom Bonus Purchase Steps for the App

What you want – the way you want it ! Now, the app allows for customization of bonus purchase steps, so operators can configure the amount of bonus credits users receive for specific money amounts, similar to the kiosk bonus app. It incentivizing players in the arcade to enhance and “boost” their purchases, as they are motivated to buy more credits to receive greater bonuses.

You can configure the custom bonus steps for the app on the Location page:


 Improvement: 3DS Technology

The math is simple… 3DS + 2-step authorization = 0 unauthorized transactions. That’s right, we’ve integrated 3DS technology into the Tigapo system, enhancing the security of online shopping with an extra layer of protection. When enabled, every online purchase requires a two-step authentication process, ensuring that no payments are processed unless explicitly authorized.


Version 2.3.62

 New Feature: South Africa Payment Gateway Support


Version 2.3.63

 Improvement: Edit & Bulk Edit Machine Configuration Without Attached Reader

Machine or no machine. On the Machines page, the configure button is now accessible – even when a reader is not attached to a machine. This allows for easier editing and bulk editing of machine configurations.

 Bug Fix: Coin Dispenser Support

Cha-ching! Now, on Tigapo’s web management console, when selecting a coin dispenser on the Machines page under ‘Type,’ the box reader can seamlessly recognize tokens won on coin dispenser machines.

 Improvement: Display Name – Edit Visitor Details

What’s in a name? Everything! So, we’ve introduced a new feature that allows cashiers to edit the display names of users directly from the web console. This is especially useful when visitors don’t register through the app – and instead go to the cashier to purchase Tigapo tokens where they manually register them. Now, with this update, cashiers can easily edit visitor details from the web console, ensuring that user details and display names are accurately displayed on the Live Carts page or the Leader Board.

 Improvement: Enable Machine Search by Serial Number on Machines Page


 New Feature: Enable Cross-Location Credit and Ticket Sharing

Location, location, location. Tigapo’s system now supports users sharing their credits and tickets across multiple locations operated by the same customer. If SBGame operates arcade locations uptown and downtown, users can now play at each location and maintain a shared balance across them both. This is especially beneficial for customers with multiple locations.



Version 2.3.61

 Improvement: 30-Second Delay Feature for Group Packages

Equal opportunity for all! To ensure fair access to games, we’re introducing a timed delay between each game activation within group packages. If, for example, a birthday group has 15-minutes playtime for all machines, there will be a 30-second delay between each game activation. This helps prevent specific players from constantly occupying one game, thus ensuring that all participants have equal play access.


 Improvement: User Search

The search is over. You can now search using all user details—name, user ID, email, or display name. Previously, searching was limited to name and email only.


Version 2.3.60

 New Feature: User Display Name

Knowing who’s who… Users can now be identified by their “Display name” on the following location:

  1. Leader board
  2. Kiosk
  3. Redemption page
  4. Live carts

 Improvement: Kiosk History in Several Locations

When it comes to kiosk history, there can be too much of a good thing. Previously, when an operator moved a kiosk from one location to another, the web console would show the history of both locations. This made it challenging to concentrate on the data relevant for a specific kiosk. To address this issue, we’ve added a new filter that enables users to view only the history of the current kiosk location, including purchase record.


Version 2.33.0

 New Feature: Automatic Completion of Credit Card Details

Purchasing should be a piece of cake. So, we implemented automatic completion of credit card details for first-time in-app purchases, making the whole process much simpler.

 Improvement: Refunds in Transaction History

It’s important to know your history. Which is why we added refund actions in the user’s transaction history so they can view their refunds in a transparent and organized way.

 Improvement: Redirecting to the App Store for an Update

Send them to the store… Now, if the user’s installed app version is not as updated as the latest version available in the app store, we’ve enabled the capability to redirect them to the app store via a link.


Version 2.32.0

 New Feature: Location Credit Sharing Notification

Sharing is caring… which is why a new message is now displayed on the app’s Welcome page, informing users about their shared credits across multiple locations before they choose a specific location. This feature is designed for operators managing multiple locations who want to provide credit sharing capabilities to their users across all locations.

 Improvement: Simultaneous Display of Prize Hub and Amazon Buttons

We make it possible to hit the ground running as we’ve added the option to simultaneously display both the Prize Hub button and the Amazon redemption button on the opening screen. This enhancement provides users with convenient access to both features right from the start.


Version 2.30.0

Improvement: Enhanced Payment Security with 3DS Technology

Introducing 3DS technology for more secure in-app payments. This robust security measure adds an additional authentication layer to customer transactions. Enhancing Tigapo’s security protocols, it ensures secure and authenticated payments.

Improvement: Enhanced User Customization: Display Name and Image Option

Now it’s personal! We’re happy to offer users the ability to personalize their profiles by choosing a nickname and picture. This customization even extends to their representation on the leaderboard, live carts page, and the “check your balance” screen on the kiosk.

Improvement: Profile Updates for Child Accounts

Safety comes first. In line with child safety measures, we’ve made adjustments to child accounts on the app. Now, only the display name can be edited, while the first name and last name are not editable. Additionally, phone number and gender fields have been removed from child profiles to prioritize privacy and security.


Version 2.25.0

 New Feature: Amazon Gift Card Support in US Dollars

All roads lead back to Amazon. Our new feature enables the ability to convert tickets into Amazon gift card coupons. Supporting US dollars, this feature allows users to redeem their tickets for Amazon gift cards directly through the app.
Curious how it works? Check out the video below for a step-by-step demonstration!



Version 2.23.0

 Improvement: Enhanced Support for Slow Internet Connection

We’re combatting the sluggishness! In response to customer feedback, we’ve enhanced the app’s performance on devices with poor internet connection.
Here are some of the issues we addressed:

  • Users were experiencing delays and getting stuck on the Welcome page.
  • Attempts to enable a game resulted in the app displaying the word “Activating” – but failed to then actually activate it.
  • Deleting a tag from the app would remove the card from the UI – but upon reopening the app, the card would reappear.
  • Users were not receiving updates via push notifications.

Version 1.9.0

Improvement: Improved reload page

When it’s a reload transaction, we’ve added a new screen when reloading points:

 Improvement: Improved User Image Display

We look better than ever! We’ve enhanced the presentation of user images on the balance check page by enlarging them for better visibility and user experience.


Version 2.4.7

 Improvement: Verification Popup for User Replacement in the Same Cart

Popups for prize carts! Now, when attempting to attach a user to a prize cart already linked with another user, a verification popup will appear on the RTA. This notification prompts the location employee to confirm whether they intend to attach another user to the same cart.


Version 1.8.0

 New Feature: Age Gating

We’re checking IDs at the door! Upon entering the Sign-up page on the kiosk, a prompt will appear in the center:

“Who is setting up this account?”

When one of the four options is selected, the buttons and prompt will slide up, revealing the form.

If the selected option is “Child,” the form will only include the “Display name” field, while all other options remain unchanged.

 New Feature: Image Capture for User Registration

Image is everything! We’ve enhanced user registration by enabling all users, except children, to capture and store an image in their user details during the registration process.


Version 1.7.0

 New Feature: Balance Check

Are you balanced? Users now have the ability to check their balance at the kiosk using their existing tag. Simply scan the tag at the kiosk to view the balance associated with it at the location.


Version 2.4.0

 New Feature: QR User Identification

There’s a new function in town! Now specific app user details can be linked to a prize cart via QR code scanning from the app – using the redemption terminal. Previously, app users redeeming their tickets required a manual search by location employees on the RTA. This feature eliminates that and streamlines the redemption process, enabling automatic and swift attachment of users to the cart through QR scanning.

You can access the QR code from your profile details on the app: